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It takes a lot of work to keep El Fonoll going, and we welcome help from international volunteers who fit the profile we offer and are happy to share our way of life, doing a small amount of daily work for any length of time, all year round, in return for accommodation and a unique lifestyle. This is similar to the conditions facilitated by organisations such as WWOOF, HelpX, Volunteers Base, Workaway, etc.

Who we want

We welcome volunteers with all sorts of interests, who can help maintain and improve the village and spread their happiness. Tasks include: cooking, bricklaying, electrics, plumbing, reception/office work, cleaning, welding, driving tractors, massage, farming, forest maintenance, rubble clearance, animal care (dogs, donkeys, goats, hens), course instructors, and much more.

What we offer

We offer individual housing (if available) in a studio apartment with own kitchen and bathroom, including free water, electricity and uncut firewood.

Volunteers are welcome to join in the life of the village, and have access to all our facilities on the same terms as clients.

Our shop stocks a wide range of food and supplies, and opens specially for volunteers at designated times. For other supplies, there are bus connections (and often free transport) to bigger towns.

Long-term volunteers who are interested in growing their own organic crops may ask for a free plot of land, with free water, seeds and manure.

What we ask

We ask for a small number of hours work every day. In winter it's 2 hours a day, in spring and autumn 2.5 hours, and in summer 3 hours. Volunteers with needed skills and experience are particularly welcome.

We have recently acquired another abandoned village called Conill, 25 km to the north, and are just starting to restore it as a village for artists and artisans, so volunteers have the option to help out there as well. (See Conill on Wikipedia)

Volunteers are welcome to work extra hours in order to accumulate Coels. We compensate for extra hours in the form of currency called "Coel", and volunteers can use their accumulated Coels to take days off as needed, exchange for supplies in our shop and organised meals, and take part in non-free events.

Volunteers should be prepared to share our simple and healthy lifestyle, and observe the rules of the village.


These terms apply to volunteers, in addition to the general rules of El Fonoll.
  1. The volunteer joins as a member of "Associació de Voluntaris i Amics Col·laboradors de Conill i del Fonoll" (AVACCF), registration no. 57256 in section 1 of the Register of Associations of the Government of Catalonia, CIF no. G55662282, domiciled at Conill (Tàrrega) Lleida and Plaça Salvador Puig Antich 4, 43425 El Fonoll, Conca de Barberà, Tarragona.
  2. The volunteer declares that he/she has no addictions to tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, nor conduct inappropriate in a healthy naturist environment.
  3. The volunteer is interested in collaborating in the village of El Fonoll in various unpaid work such as building, agriculture, forestry, animal care, cooking, cleaning, or other mutually-agreed tasks, for 2 hours in winter, 2.5 in spring/autumn, and 3 hours in summer.
  4. In exchange for this small daily agreed and unpaid contribution, while it lasts, the volunteer has the right to live in an individual studio flat, subject to availability, and if he/she works extra hours 6 Coels will be awarded for every hour, for basic non-meat foods from the shop or for organised shared meals. The volunteer may also make use of the free services enjoyed by visitors at El Fonoll. In the event that studio flats are not available, the volunteer may camp or occupy a caravan for half the working hours, or stay in the Bunkhouse for 75% of the working hours. Underperforming volunteers may be required to work an extra half-hour in order to reach the productivity level of their colleagues.
  5. The volunteer declares that he/she has read, understood, and accepts all the rules of El Fonoll. Breach of the rules or absence from work for 10 hours is cause for cancellation of the volunteering arrangement.
  6. Both parties accept that this unpaid voluntary arrangement does not imply any employment relationship and is not subject to employment law.
  7. The duration of this collaboration is indefinite and may be interrupted at will by either party. Although a courtesy notice period of three days will be given, the decision to suspend collaboration, by either or both parties, is taken with no recourse to any compensation.
  8. At the end of the three days notice, the volunteer expressly authorises the management to clear his/her accommodation, remove all objects, clothes, etc, which the volunteer has left there, and dispose of them or give them to charity.
  9. A key deposit of 50 € is required, for which a receipt will be given and which the volunteer can recover at the end of his/her stay, subject to deductions being made for any damage or loss or lack of cleanliness in the accommodation.


You can use this form to apply for volunteering. If you have any problems with it, don't hesitate to contact us by other methods - see our Contact page.


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