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Getting here

El Fonoll is located in central Catalonia (Spain), in the Corb River valley region.

Zoom in on the map below for a better view of the access routes.


Northern approach: Between the villages of Vallfogona and Guimerà, turn south at the "Camí al Fonoll" signpost until you reach El Fonoll after 4.5 km.
Southern approach: Between the villages of Forès and Passanant, turn north-east at the "Fonoll" signpost, then after 1.4 km turn right downhill to the village.
Some navigation systems may indicate a route from the south-east, starting at Savella. This is not recommended for cars, as the track is very rough.

By bus

There is a twice-daily bus service from Barcelona via Igualada (fare about 13 €), and a daily service from Tàrrega to Guimerà and Vallfogona. The Barcelona timetable can be found here:, and the Tàrrega timetable here:

For the Barcelona bus, get off at the "Molí de la Cadena" stop between Vallfogona and Guimerà, where the track to El Fonoll is signposted. Contact us by phone before getting on the bus and we can send a car to collect you (free if you are staying overnight).

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