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Walk: Track to Savella

This is a straightforward 5.2 km walk as far as the abandoned village of Savella, taking in our wishing-well on the way.

At the wishing-well, the right formula has to be observed for your wishes to come true. The procedure is for each person in the group to take a leaf from the tree beside the well, gather around the well, hold the leaves in their closed hands and touch them together above the well, close their eyes, and silently make their wishes. When all the wishes have been made, everybody opens their hands together and the leaves float down into the well. If that doesn't have the desired effect, you must have done something wrong and you need to come back and do it again.

Along the way there are also two enormous oak trees which we hug and a small cave.

Savella has a Romanesque church from the 11th century, and spectacular views.

Note that the destination lies outside the area of the El Fonoll lands, but we always go naked since it is very rare that you would meet anybody at Savella.

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