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General rules

  1. The corresponding valid access pass is required to access the estate and any service, except in the case of authorisations or invitations made by the management or appointed people in charge. These vouchers, authorisations or invitations must be shown to the people in charge, together with official proof of identity, should they request it.
  2. Weather permitting, full nudity will be the norm. Any piece of clothing for warmth or as protection against exposure to the sun during the hottest time of the day is permitted, but not bathing costumes or underwear. For reasons of hygiene and safety, the staff and workers may use work clothes or special cases.
  3. An impartial, respectful attitude must be maintained at all times to other people’s ideologies and political, social, racial or religious beliefs, as well as an attitude of integration in the social life and activities of the village. Preachers are not admitted.
  4. Smoking is not allowed except in private areas (houses, tents, vehicle, etc.). All the spaces and services used must be left clean and tidy. A shower must be taken before entering the swimming pool or mud baths.
  5. Both the services and provisions provided free of charge and for a fee are limited by the capacity of the facilities and users must accept these limitations.
  6. Authorisation must be requested from the management and the people involved to take any photographs or to film on the estate.
  7. Parents will be responsible for their children acting according to the internal regulations and communal norms and are liable for any damage they may cause.
  8. The water at the facilities does not contain chlorine nor any other chemical product and the user is responsible for its use and ingestion. For drinking water there is a fountain and bottled water in our small local store.
  9. Dogs and cats must be walked on a lead in the areas where the farm animals are allowed to roam freely. The owner will collect any faeces and will be liable for any damage or any nuisance or detriment caused to the company and its clients. Aggressive or troublesome dogs are not allowed.
  10. Waste will be separated into organic waste, which is given to the farm animals, and inorganic waste of paper, glass and plastic, which is placed in the relevant containers. Rubbish or waste may not be thrown on the ground and the environment must be respected. Wood, water and electricity should be used sparingly. Only low consumption light bulbs and receivers may be connected to the electricity supply.
  11. Except during parties or group activities, music, radios or TV’s cannot be played at high volume. No noise is allowed between 11 pm and 8 am. Cars may park up to 11 pm, after which time no vehicle is allowed to enter the car park.
  12. Except during loading and unloading, vehicles may be left only in the designated parking areas. Vehicles may not be used on the estate except farm, service or other authorised vehicles, these driving at maximum 30 km per hour.
  13. Only the people renting the vegetable plots may access them, which may be protected by natural fencing (cane, shrub, etc.) of maximum one metre in height. Only biological products are permitted for cultivation, without insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, etc.
  14. The wild and domestic fauna must be respected, as well as the plants used for decoration, trees, scrubland and cultivated plots. There is therefore no hunting, nor may flowers be picked, nor may fires be lit except for barbecues, fireplaces and wood-burning heaters and stoves.
  15. In the case of any accident (donkey, bicycle, etc.) the liability of Equus Parc S.L. is limited by that covered by its insurance policy. Each individual may therefore complement this cover via personal insurance, renouncing any other claims.

Any complaints and suggestions will be studied with interest and there is a box for this purpose in reception.

Non-compliance with these norms or those people causing communal conflict, especially on repeated occasions, may lead to the cancellation of the access rights of that person or persons holding said vouchers and they may be expelled. The cancellation of an access pass only gives the holder the right to repayment of the part not consumed in months, if no damage or detriment is being claimed.

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