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3rd Sunday in June:
Naturist Cross-Country Run

The Catalonia Naturist Cross-Country Run at El Fonoll takes place at 11:00 am on the third Sunday of June, every year since 2003.

The course

The course is over a distance of about 3 km on tracks, starting and ending in El Fonoll village. It is preceded by a young children's race at 10:30 through the village's squares.


All nudist runners are welcome to take part, subject to El Fonoll's general rules, and there is no entry fee. Advance registration is not required. Participants will register before 10:30 and be allocated a number. The run must be done in total nudity, apart from a bra if necessary.


All participants who complete the course running are awarded a T-shirt, an issue of Natur Vida (El Fonoll's magazine), and share in a free vegetarian paella after the run.

For 1st and 2nd finishers, and the top 7 adjusted for age and gender: a trophy, access passes, and free stays in apartments at El Fonoll.

For the children's run: medals and prizes.

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