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Every summer:
Photography and poetry competitions

Every summer, El Fonoll hosts a competition and exhibition of photography and poetry. Entries are displayed in El Fonoll's conference hall from the start of June. Over the summer, visitors vote the favourites, and the results are declared and prizes awarded in October.


Naturist photography

Photographs of the naked human body of one or more persons, complete or partial, preferably in a natural environment.

Naturalist photography

Photographs of nature: flowers, plants, trees, insects, animals, landscape, etc.

Catalan poetry, Castilian poetry

Poetry on any theme.


Photographs of size up to A4, on any type of paper (photographic, colour photocopier/printer, etc.), are acceptable. Neither slides, framed/mounted photos, nor e-mail attachments are accepted. They may be in colour or black-and-white.

Poetry entries may be in Catalan or Castilian (Spanish). The maximum size is one A4 page. Send yours by e-mail, which can be printed on an A4 page.

Both photographic and poetry entries should be labelled on their reverse with the name of the author, contact details such as telephone number and/or e-mail address, and optionally a description of the content. No identifying details will be publicly displayed.

Entries may be handed in at El Fonoll reception, sent by post to our normal address, or (for poetry only) by e-mail to our e-mail address.

Each participant may enter up to three photographs in each of the photographic categories, and only one poem.

The participating photographs and poems must be original, the work of the participant and never of others.

Entries may be submitted any time after the close of the previous year's contest, and will become the property of Naturist Cultural and Recreational Athenaeum (ANCL), and will be added to its archives. They may also be published in naturist magazines and websites, with the name of the author.


The results will be decided by El Fonoll's naturist visitors. They can cast their votes from the opening of the exhibition until the start of the vote-counting event.

Each voter may also provide his/her name and contact details in the space provided on the voting paper in order to take part in a draw for a two-day stay at El Fonoll in an apartment.

The counting of votes will take place at a public event at El Fonoll on the first Saturday in October at 4 pm, when the results will be announced to the prizewinners, and on Sunday at 12 noon prizes will be presented to the winners present and the participating and winning poems will be read.

In the unlikely event of a tie between two or more entries, the ANCL committee will nominate a judge with expertise in the relevant category to determine the result.

In case of any disagreement relating to the competitions, the ANCL committee will determine the fairest outcome.


The following prizes will be awarded for each of the four categories:

Annual Access Pass for two persons to El Fonollyesyesyesyesyes
One free stay at El Fonoll in an apartment5
Tickets for the paella11111

In the case of insufficient entries being received in a category, prizes may be reduced to one per six entries.

Prizes may be claimed at El Fonoll up to 12 months after they have been awarded. They expire after the 12 months.

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